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We are going to Pennsylvania!

March 27, 2013

Here is the abstract for one of our presentations in the Elizabethtown conference this summer.

Domestic violence is an issue that can often be effectively addressed by Amish communities. Sometimes, mental illness and drug addiction make traditional types of support and discipline ineffective.
The mental health disciplines and social services are rooted in legal traditions and structures and in many ways are poorly suited to help a family deal with domestic violence without violating the values of patriarchal authority and submission. Values of feminism, individual autonomy and empowerment are, on their face, incompatible with Amish values of submission to authority and nonresistance.
The “Sewing Circle” is a loosely associated group of Amish women who care for one another while they submit to the authority of their faith community. They have shared their stories in a booklet titled “The Doorway to Hope” where they used their examples and some helpful information from sensitive mental health professionals to encourage others.
We will share our ideas and experiences with the “Sewing Circle” as mental health professionals assisting women who have survived domestic violence and navigated the path between secular social services and the Amish church to provide both for the safety of theselves and their children while remaining faithful to their Amish faith.

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  1. michelle hs permalink
    March 28, 2013 12:00 am

    when you say “we” are you literally referring to yourself or a group representing yourself? that doesn’t completely make sense, but i think you get what i’m trying to ask.

  2. March 28, 2013 10:17 am

    I mean the vision project, in June. Jim Cates and maybe others TBA.

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