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How to Persuade Your Loved One… (

October 2, 2012

I find that people often come in for help just a little late, or spouses come in trying to get the help their spouse (who refuses to come in) really needs, sort of counseling-by-proxy. Ultimately, one person is afraid to push and set limits and the other continues to take advantage by refusing help. More people need to take the last step, not mentioned here, but which is inevitable for most who do not seek help. Yes, I’m talking about the ultimatum. The popular term is an “intervention” but it’s the same idea. We all have limits, and sometimes we need to find them ourselves before we can tell others in our lives that we will cut them out of our lives entirely if they do not get help. Too many come in after the line has been crossed (a line they didn’t even know they had) and it prompted a separation or an ultimatum to get help “or else”. It is perfectly all right to give people “informed consent”. E.g. “This is where I draw the line. Do this and I am ending this relationship.” There is nothing wrong with figuring out what those lines are ahead of time and informing one another of them before the lines are crossed. In fact, it is essential.

How to Persuade Your Loved One to Seek Professional Help – World of Psychology

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  1. michelle hs permalink
    October 2, 2012 10:09 pm

    why do i feel like i was at least one of the people on your mind when you read this? oh! because i was. i’m not there yet. he’s still functioning. probably shouldn’t be posting this in a comment on your blog. oh, well…

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