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6 Ways Men and Women Communica… (

April 1, 2012

This is a nice primer on communication patterns. As is usual, they break them down along gender lines which 1. Is of limited utility and 2. Tends to perpetuate some stereotypes. Not all men are the way this says, nor are all women. However, many are. Regardless, I like some of this. My problems are largely with the last item. Just because people are the way they are does not mean that they should not work to change. Some people do make mountains out of molehills and some people do need to be open to advice. The problem here is by sticking the differences in terms of gender it suggests they are unchanging and there is no valid reason or mechanism to change these tendencies. I will say it here, some men make emotional mountains out of molehills. Some men need to be less sensitive and take advice. Some women are less sensitive to emotions, and some need to speak up with advice and direction more often. Still, nice article.

6 Ways Men and Women Communicate Differently – World of Psychology

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